Monday, March 31, 2008

April's Fools

Why it takes so long to do taxes:

making coffee for tax time: 10 minutes (grinding, clearing old filter, etc.)

finding space on the dining table: a half hour (finding overdue bills, tapes that need to be returned, old socks for laundry)

watering plants: 5 min

gathering paperwork :15 min. - interrupted by:

making fire: 25 min (gathering old newspaper, laying fire, going outside for dry kindling/tinder, chopping more wood, babying fire as it starts)

gathering paperwork :15 min - interrupted by:

phone call to insurance agent to check on new policy - leave message 5 min.

opening all curtains because the sun started shining: 5 min.

getting finished coffee, preparing light snack: 10 min

gathering paperwork: half hour - interrupted by:

going online to get proper forms and intstructions; downloading same - 1 hour

taking a break to check Odd News of the Day - 1 hour

gathering paperwork - 15 minutes, interrupted by:

looking for pen: 5 min

looking for calculator: 5 min

losing interest…

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