Saturday, February 1, 2014

Food Swap

Last weekend I went to a great potluck that also featured a winter food swap - as each of us figured out what we had preserved too much of, we brought them together and traded. This was the first time, so we weren't exactly sure how to work it... but one of the group brought printed slips on which we listed what we had, and there was room for several people to make an offer. Then we went around, connecting up with the offer-er and negotiating, then taking those items off the table. It was a little bit chaotic at times, and all of us said that we had little or no idea how much to offer for others' goods, nor how much ours was worth (that is a skill that likely needs polishing as things decline), but I think all of us went home happy with our new items.

I traded my jam, pear sauce and beer for dry beans, potatoes, garlic, alpaca sausage, honey, pickled eggplant relish, pickled peppers (but not a peck), and toffee. I was very happy! And it was a group that shared my concerns about decline and unsustainability, so the conversation was meaningful (and not just "happy talk").

Here is the description from the woman who organized it:

And she recommends this website to find your own swap:

I totally recommend this idea! I'll try to post more photos, as soon as I can get them from the photographer.


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to send you an email? I just discovered your blog tonight... I am going to read the first chapter tonight. I'm a long time reader of JMG's blog, and like you I live in Oregon. Right now I'm cleaning my sweet pea seeds from last year to share with friends... I thought you might enjoy some... is there any way to get in touch with you?

Cathy McGuire said...

I'm puzzled as to why you left the comment here versus my other blog (where the novel is - it's very generous of you to offer me sweet pea seeds. Where in Oregon do you live? Have you found the green wizards forum ( - click Forum from top right pulldown), if you read JMG's blog? We have a Pacific NW topic where those of us who are in the area are planning to get together and meet face to face. You might be interested.

I don't mind sharing my email, but would like just a bit more info about you first... if you don't mind - just first name and where (approx.) you live? I'm just trying to weed out clever spam - and believe me, those spambots have gotten very clever over the years!! Thanks for understanding.

Anonymous said...

My first name is Elaine and I live in Eugene.

I am aware of the green wizards forum but I have not been reading it, because the "technology" aspect isn't one of my top priorities. However, I am interested in gardening and seed saving. I would like to participate in the face-to-face gathering. I will seek more information about that... thanks for mentioning it!