Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Singing the World


Singing the World

                I'm very glad to announce that this story has been accepted by After Oil, volume 3, ( - date TBD) and hence I have removed it. I hope you will buy each of the three volumes, as they have many talented writers.


Ray Wharton said...

The word limit is cruel, I want the next 2500 words. A theme seems to be developing along side

of the one who doesn't quite fit trying to find a place in societies which can't afford the extravagance of individualism our culture has relished.

The love of Haw very much brought Maryam to life. The importance of song, and the culture somewhat tribal, but with elements of our era's remains seemed especially realistic as a society where industrialism was forced into a full retreat.

I would love any critique or commentary you might have on some of my entries. they are at The harsher the more appreciated, I have alot of leveling up to do, and lack perspective to fairly critique my own writing.

Anonymous said...

I liked your story.