Monday, July 13, 2015


I am thrilled to announce that Scapegoat, my submission to the  4th After Oil anthology contest, is one of the winners!! I will post details of the anthology as it nears publication, and I hope you will buy and read it. (because of impending publication, the text of the story has been removed)


LewisLucanBooks said...

Typo in the paragraph that begins "The market stalls had all been cleared away." "Munhandled." Great story. Your editor. :-)

Donal said...

Great short story!

Cathy McGuire said...

Actually, Lew, I was trying to get around the whole gender thing.
I also have Councilmun and Journeymun but maybe
munhandled is a bit too far?
I was thinking they'd have figured out the "man" issue by then. ;-)
Thanks for reading it!

Cathy McGuire said...

Thanks, Donal! I'm glad you liked it.